The Hawkins Strongbox Chronology

Updated and Appended as Items are Added to the Collection


20 August
Brent Hawkins is born out of wedlock to parents Geoffrey Hawkins and Shannon Kennicot.

Enoch Cyncad, a well known doctor and academic from the University of Edinburgh, is at the center of a London medical scandal that involves experimentation on live human subjects. His actions are exposed by one of his former students, Dr. Jeremiah Hawkins, older brother of Geoffrey Hawkins. Before being taken into custody, Cyncad violently murders Jeremiah Hawkins. 

Late Summer
Timothy Deakin embarks on the first of several visits to Germany that continue through late 1879.  Over the course of these visits, he engages in discussions with physicist and mathematician Max Planck relating to heat mechanics and thermodynamics.

Charles Hawkins introduces Timothy Deakin to his older brother Geoffrey.  The two become fast and close friends.

Adler Fanshaw begins working as an office boy at the London Evening Gazette.

21 October
Mere weeks after his conviction for numerous crimes including the murder of Jeremiah Hawkins, Enoch Cyncad escapes from Newgate Prison just hours before his scheduled execution by hanging.