The Hawkins Strongbox Chronology

Updated and Appended as Items are Added to the Collection


9 January
Geoffrey Hawkins, Timothy Deakin, Berkley Vanderzee and Falynne Hyperion meet at the Scientia Club in London and form the Society of the Mechanical Sun. Their initial mission is to contain the use of aetherdynamic technology, especially as it relates to the plans and machinations of Dr. Enoch Cyncad.

Berkley Vanderzee presents Geoffrey Hawkins, Timothy Deakin, Falynne Hyperion and himself, with custom-designed aether-powered pocket watches, that serve to recognize the membership of each one in the Society of the Mechanical Sun.

Kenyon Saunders of the London gunsmithery Saunders and Sons is accidentally killed when attempting to manufacture an aether-based firearm.

20 August
Brent Hawkins is officially adopted by Roderick Pepper.  His mother insists he retain his father's name in some fashion; he becomes Brent Hawkins Pepper.

Late August 
Jack Deakin, youngest of the three Deakin Brothers, mysteriously disappears.

17 September
Timothy Deakin writes a brief message to Geoffrey Hawkins (Item 31) indicating that he has received word of his brother Jack and intends to immediately mount a search for him.  He mentions the name of Dr. Cyncad in the message and expresses fear for his own well being as he pursues the matter.

18 September
Timothy Deakin, Matthew Hardy and Adler Fanshaw rescue Jack Deakin from a subterranean outpost deep below the city of London.